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Human trafficking is a global problem that also occurs in Switzerland. Typically, poor countries like Moldova in Eastern Europe and Brazil in South America are exporters, while rich countries in Europe or the US importers of those people who are simply treated as a merchandise.


In 2006, Project Rescue Association was founded in Switzerland with the goal of helping victims of human trafficking , especially women in prostitution . It's not just a matter of these women return to their home country , but also - or more so - to reintegrate them into a normal and healthy life.

What do we do?

Project Resgate, an organization registered both in Switzerland and Brazil, will assist people who are sexually exploited or have to work under slave-like conditions, by providing a safe return to their country of origin and to support them in their social and professional reintegration. Affected ladies receive:

• Airport pickup

• Safe (emergency) accommodation

• Training courses

• Financial support to allow a woman to establish a small business

• Monitoring is also assuredly continued.

Why donate?

The average cost of each case for Resgate Switzerland is CHF 6,800. In 2018, Resgate helped 25 women with a reintegration plan. The budget for 2018 has been set at CHF 364'000, with a view to helping a larger number of victims.

To raise these funds , Projekt Resgate is completely dependent on donations from foundations , companies , churches and private individuals.