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Story 3

Maria, 18 years old came to Italy invited by a family with a false promise of work of take care of a dog.

Upon her arrival at the combined residence, she had been subjected to slave labor from 6 am until 23:00. She had to do all the work of the house, such as to cook, to clean and iron clothes. When she asked for them to take her to the airport to return to Brazil, they presented a bill of 5000 euros, so that they might allow her to return home. The next day they brought her some sexy clothes so that she could have to start to work to pay her debt. She resisted all the time and to aggravate the situation, she was totally out of communication, or mobile phone.

After a month she found in the house an old computer, which was working and she was able to send e-mail to her family and ask for help. The core group of anti-trafficking, in Acre, Brazil, Contacted the Italian police and she was freed and had the local support of the Nam's House nearby Verona in Italy. Project Rescue personally went to that place assist her and safely to bring her back to Brazil.