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You are not alone

we can help you

There is a way out

of Sexual Exploitation


How can we help?

Projekt Resgate primarily helps sexually exploited people, victims of human trafficking and slave labor as well as physically or mentally exploited women to return to their home country. There they will find safe programs for their re-integration and for professional training.

In a limited way Projekt Resgate also supports people who wish to return to their home country but lack the necessary financial means to do so.

What do we offer?

Secure hiding places until departure

Medical and Psychological care

Airline Tickets

Programs for Social and professional Re-Integration

Return now!

Projekt Resgate, in partnership with other institutions maintains a network for emergency assistance in various European countries.


Story 1

It was 9’oclock in the morning when the phone rang. On the line was the voice of a desperate girl...

Story 2

Maria came to Switzerland at the invitation of a boyfriend from to marry her...

Story 3

Maria, 18 years old came to Italy invited by a family with a false promise of work of take care of a dog...